• Hangover quick recovery
  • Increased energy
  • Reduce dehydration
  • Stop sluggish feelings
  • Stop headaches
  • Reduce dry mouth

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Hangover Skip  is a health supplement designed to restore the body’s energy and help breakdown alcoholic residues quickly to leave you refreshed and alert after a night of drinking. 

The unique blend of ingredients in Hangover Skip helps your body recover its natural state of digestive and metabolic balance. Each ingredient was scientifically selected to create a comprehensive formula that will make you feel relaxed and in control the morning after a night of drinking alcohol. 

How Hangover Skip works

A simple 2-3-cap dose of Hangover Skip taken before you start drinking will instill the energy you need to get through the morning without feeling sluggish, disoriented or dehydrated. You’ll rest easier knowing you have a magic supplement on your side. As always advised, drinking in moderation is the best form of hangover prevention. Using Hangover Skip will help any social drinker maintain his or her edge the next day, but this supplement is not a license to drink in excess. 

Contains 45 caps.

Hangover Skip FAQ

How do I use Hangover Magic for best results?

Simply take 2-3 Hangover Skip capsules before you begin drinking alcohol. The tablets will help your body break down the alcohol quickly and replenish the body with natural fluids to keep you sharp all night and in the morning. As an extra measure of hangover prevention, you can also take 2-3 caps in the morning when you wake-up. The vitamins in Hangover Magic will revitalize the body and energize you for a productive day!

What else can I do to ease the hangover feeling?

When you use the Hangover Skip tablets, be sure to drink a large glass of water. Take 3 caps with water before drinking alcohol. Drink another large glass of water before going to bed as well.

Why do I feel so bad after drinking too much?

When you consume alcohol, your body begins to breakdown the substance into a metabolite acetaldehyde. The bad feelings associated with alcohol are not caused by the alcohol itself, but rather by the resulting metabolic poison called acetaldehyde. Your body must clear this from your system to get you out of the hangover. Hangover Skip helps your body restore proper function quickly and without side effects! 

What will I feel like after using Hangover Skip? The all-natural herbs HS blend will not be noticeable in your system while you are drinking. The following morning, however, you will experience less negative effects of alcohol consumption. Reduced dry mouth, no upset stomach, no headache, no anxiety and no sluggishness! 

When I use Hangover Skip will I still get drunk? 

Yes. If you happen to drink enough to get drunk nothing can stop the alcohol from doing what it does. Hangover Skip will not stop your "buzz" from occurring, but will help the next day. 

Can I drink more than I usually do if I use Hangover Skip? 

No. Hangover Skip is not recommended as a preventative measure to avoid the feelings of excessive drinking. Hangover Skip will ease the effects of a hangover, but moderation when drinking is always a good idea. And, of course, please never drink and drive! 

Is there a better way other than not drinking at all?

Yes. Use LEGATO or another of our mood enhancing formulas. Beware that if used with alcohol, it will actually enhance the experience. So, you do not need to drink AS MUCH to feel the effects. Many athletes and bodybuilders use our products to consume less alcohol, get the feel great effects, avoid putting on weight, save money on drinks, and not having to deal with the hangover havoc caused by the excess metabolite acetaldehyde in your body.

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