• Increase testosterone up to 500%
  • Prevent premature ejaculation
  • Keep harder erections for hours
  • Have sex like never before
  • Improve sexual stamina
  • Enhance penis size
  • Doctor approved & recommended  
  • 100% safe, with NO side effects

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ALPHA MALE PLUS - The time tested libido enhancer that dramatically increases the active amount of the male hormone testosterone. It helps men have amazing stamina and the ability to rapidly rejuvenate erections.

Deep in Canada’s barren North, lives an animal scientists believe to be the most prolific lover in the entire animal kingdom. During the fall rutting season, the male Wapiti Elk (cervus elaphus) amasses a hormonal structure that allows him to experience multiple sexual orgasms within three minutes apart – and up to 20 times per day! Now imagine that you might safely infuse yourself with the hormones behind this incredibly virile creature's sexual abilities. 

You'd find yourself in the enviable position of being known as "Super Sex Machine". You would have amazing stamina. The ability to rapidly rejuvenate your erections. Allowing you to please your lover over and over again, until she begs you to stop.

The Genius Behind Alpha Male Plus

Dr. Albert O’Connor M.D. is a certified Chief of Urology who studied the effects of the Wapiti Elk Extract and found that most men who ingested Alpha Male Plus were transformed into exploding human volcanoes, filled to the brim with intense, over-flowing sexual energy that continued gushing hour after hour and all night long!

Only Alpha Male Plus can give men multiple orgasms. At last, any man can achieve multiple climaxes without downtime and give his partner the orgasm they deserve…and will talk about for weeks! Become the sexual stud she’s always talked about and you've always dreamed about!

The Wapiti Elk Extract found only inside Alpha Male Plus increases the testosterone in the body by up to 500%. The proprietary herbs and extracts in every tablet allows for full rejuvenation quicker than ever before!

Report from the Physicians' Clinical Journal for Sexual Wellness & Performance

 "...the clinical data from Dr. Fisher's study strongly suggests that even small doses of hormonal extract taken from the Wapiti Elk can potentially increase testosterone levels up to 500% and transform any "average" man into a sexually dominate alpha male complete with a supercharged libido, ultra fast recovery time, increased stamina... to potentially satisfy one's partner (s) as many as ten to twenty times in a single day..."

Dr. O'Conner read about Dr. Brian Fisher's study of the effects of Wapiti Elk Extract, but he was skeptical and decided to run his own study using some of his sexually dysfunctional patients as subjects. There was no way he could have predicted the dramatic results. Many men found they had the ability to experience non-stop sex and they could satisfy their lovers again and again. Most found euphoric pleasure associated with multiple orgasms. Keep in mind, these were sexual dysfunctional patients.

By safely combing the Wapiti Elk Extract with other nutrients Dr. O'Conner has created a revolutionary formula able to turn almost any man into a virtual super-stud overnight! The Alpha Male Plus tablets are the only true male potency formula, that allow men to regain their sexual energy and stamina in record time, ever to be recommended and endorsed by acclaimed urologist, Albert O’Connor, MD.

Dr. O’Connor enthusiastically recommends Alpha Male Plus to his male patients as the safest, most effective, 100% natural way to improve and enhance sexual performance. Dr. O’Connor is a professor of medicine and Chief of Medical Education. He is Chief of Urology as well as a member of his hospitals Board of Directors.

Studies have shown that while using the Alpha Male Plus tablets, most men are able to accomplish dramatically improved sexual performance, without the hazards involved with prescription drugs.

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