Mood Enhancement - Replenishing your "Feel Good Levels" 

Enhance your mood – Sleep better – Optimize performance --There is no substitute for feeling great! 

Serotonin controls many important functions in the body including sleep, appetite, memory, learning, mood, sexual behavior, cardiovascular function, muscle contraction, body temperature and gland regulation.

Low serotonin levels are associated with deficiencies in the optimal performance of all of the above bodily functions. Low levels of serotonin are sometimes manifested by depressed mood, anxiety, insomnia as well as a host of other complaints and disorders, which tend to diminishing one's quality of life.

It is a well-established fact that serotonin production declines as we get older. But chronic stress, anxiety or illness also depletes serotonin levels regardless of age. Poor dietary habits, inadequate absorption of proteins, excessive use of alcohol or psychoactive drugs can also lead to depleted serotonin levels and deficiencies in one’s quality of life.

LEGATO, U4 XFACTOR and all our U4 based mood enhancing, all natural, non-addictive formulas are effective in  replenishing serotonin levels and helping restore optimal health. 

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Mood Enhancement - Most Effective All Natural and Safe Formulas

LEGATO -  WOW... absolutely excellent!

Smooth and connected is exactly how you will will feel when taking LEGATO. LEGATO is a fast acting stress reducing formula that comes in powder form. It promotes positive fillings helping you stay focused, smoothed and connected to life.  More info...

Retail Price: $79.95
Our Price: $64.95

U4 XFACTOR - Another leap forward in mood enhancing

The X-Factor comes with all the benefits inherent in the U4 based formulas PLUS it delivers vastly expanded mood enhancing effects. The U4 X-Factor featured on this site contains a new unique proprietary blend of ingredients designed to meet our customers higher standards. More info...

Retail Price: $79.95
Our Price: $64.95

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