• Mood enhancer 
  • Day time formula
  • Increases energy
  • Increases sex drive
  • Increases stamina 
  • Fat loss & anti-aging catalyst

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RENEW G This is a newer version of the old Renew G, while based on the original, this is a completely different formula. Unlike LEGATO or ANY of the other mood enhancing formulas offered on this site, RENEW G is a DAYTIME dietary supplement. Renew G is designed to produce feelings of well being, promoting fat loss, anti-aging, increased energy, sexual drive and stamina... all rolled into one pill. For better results use in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise program. Consult your physician before starting any such program.

Proprietary blend and supplement facts

RG-V.2 Dopamine/ Oxytocin Proprietary Blend 2147 mg. * Daily value not established * Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Water. THE EXOTIC INGREDIENTS FOUND IN RENEW G ARE NATURALLY OCCURRING IN NATURE. Beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid, Kanna (extract), Beta-P, Phenethylamine (natural monoamine alkaloid similar to amphetamine)Valeric acid (28%), Withania Somnifera (containing alkaloids somniferine, somnine, somniferinine, withananine, pseudowithanine, tropine, pseudo-tropine, cuscohygrine, anferine and anhydrine), Oxitriptan, Seville orange, Brazilian Cocoa (containing the actives guaranine and the alkaloids theobromine and theophylline), Shilajit (35%) (containing naturally occurring fulvic acid, humic acid, uronic acids, hippuric acid, benzopyrones, and phenolic glycosides), 17a-hydroxy-yohimban-16a-carboxylic acid methylester MADE IN THE USA Note: 6 Capsules contain approx 240 mg caffeine. 

Suggested use

Renew G has a unique response curve which varies among individuals. As a daytime supplement, start by taking 2-3 capsules on a light to empty stomach first thing in the morning with plenty of water. You can take up to 6 capsules first thing every day after you establish tolerance. Cycle Renew G three weeks on, then take a one week before starting again. Renew G may be taken in the evening if you plan to stay up. Be sure to read entire label before taking this product. Never exceed taking more than twelve capsules during any 24-hour period.