• Build strength
  • Increase power
  • Build muscle mass
  • Boost energy
  • Increase sex drive
  • Feel great

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U4-PRIMAL - Muscle, mood, stamina and sex drive. 

U4-PRIMAL features unique ingredients shown in scientific studies to increase testosterone, nitric oxide and androgen receptor density. Testosterone & nitric oxide are key agents to help increase power, build muscle and recover from workouts, also for increased energy and sex drive.

Incredible testosterone booster

U4-PRIMAL features Argenex-D, a patent pending form of D-Aspartic acid bound to L-Arginine that is more bio-available than any other form of either agent alone. Argenex-D is over TEN TIMES more soluble than both D-Aspartic Acid & L-Arginine alone (see graph) making it more absorbable and potent than either one alone. Only U4-PRIMAL has the revolutionary, super potent Argenex-D!

Your edge in the gym and the bedroom

Built in stress killer and mood enhancer

But U4-PRIMAL is much more than just an incredible testosterone booster to rapidly help you build muscle and boost your libido. Our proprietary formula also features a combination of herbal extracts clinically proven to lower cortisol, increase energy, lower stress and improve mood. U4-PRIMAL - Your ultimate weapon!

All Natural Ingredient Science

: Patent pending L-Arginine D-Aspartic Acid, proven to raise testosterone & boost nitric oxide levels. Sensoril: This patented, more potent (8% withanolimides) form of Ashwaganda is clinically proven to reduce stress, lower cortisol & inflammation. Tri-Methyl-Glycine (TMG): Too many health benefits to list, but key here is that it improves the potency of Argenex-D by activating the NMDA receptor. L-Carnitic-L-Tartrate(LCLT): Argenex-D increases testosterone, a natural androgen in the body. For testosterone to have an effect on the body, it must bind to the androgen receptor. LCLT has been shown to increase the androgen receptor density in muscle cells, allowing more sites for testosterone to bind & thus, a greater effect from your increased testosterone levels! Acetly-L-Tyrosine: Supports dopamine synthesis, a key neurotransmitter for energy and sex drive, especially in men. DMAE: Enhances alertness, focus and neuromuscular pathways (known as the 'mind-muscle' connection)

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