• Supports recovery
  • Builds strength
  • Helps increase lean mass
  • Increases performance
  • Supports red blood cell expansion

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ADENOFLEX is a post-training drink mix (powder).

ADENOFLEX supports recovery from resistance exercise and resistance exercise- induced increases in lean mass, strength, and overall performance. Supports the expansion of red blood cells, plasma and muscle cells.

ADENOFLEX is ideal for any healthy person who regularly performs resistance training and experienced athletes who feel that they may have hit a training plateau.

Ingredients Science

N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) • NAC has been added to ADENOFLEX to support healthy levels of erythropoietin (EPO) and blood building. • In a clinical study, healthy subjects who received 600 mg of NAC (the equivalent of 1 serving of ADENOFLEX) twice daily for 8 days experienced an increase in EPO (+26%), hemoglobin (+9%) and hematocrit (+9%). Their average red blood cell size and the average mass of hemoglobin per red blood cell also increased by over 12%. This is the basis for the recommendation that athletes begin using ADENOFLEX by taking 2 servings daily for the rst 8 days, and 1 serving daily thereafter. Chromium 454® • Chromium 454® has been added to ADENOFLEX for its potential nutrient partitioning effects and to support recovery from hard training. It is created by the reaction of chromium (Ill) with high-activity, water soluble small molecules from a proprietary GRAS Brewer’s yeast extract. (Other chromium supplements are synthetic complexes of chromium bound to various ligands as salts.) • In vitro, Chromium 454® increased glucose uptake into human skeletal muscle cells by up to 3-fold. Glucose is the body’s “preferred” fuel and the building block of glycogen. Muscle glycogen is relied on heavily during high-intensity exercise. Agmatine • Agmatine has been added to ADENOFLEX to support post-training muscle volumization and fullness (pumps). Ursolic acid • Ursolic acid has been added to ADENOFLEX for its potential nutrient partitioning effects. Studies performed by University of Iowa scientists suggest that this naturally occurring compound may enhance muscle mass while reducing body fat. Trimethylglycine (TMG)(a.k.a. betaine) • This naturally occurring substance has been added to ADENOFLEX for its potential nutrient partitioning and performance enhancing effects. • Some clinical studies provide evidence that TMG may enhance training performance, combat fatigue, and support anabolic hormone levels. Creatine monohydrate • Creatine monohydrate remains the most bioavailable and proven form of creatine studied to date. It has been added to ADENOFLEX to enhance lean mass, strength, and plasma volume.

Important: This product may have an odor. GAT formulated ADENOFLEX using heavy, scientifically researched doses of key active ingredients. Some of these ingredients possess a distinctive odor that may be apparent when using the product. This is your indication of the extreme strength of the ADENOFLEX formula

ADENOFLEX Clinical Study

ADENOFLEX was tested in an institutional review board (IRB)-approved clinical pilot study involving experienced subjects (2-10 years of resistance exercise experience). • Subjects took ADENOFLEX twice daily (1 serving immediately post-training and another 5 hours later) for 8 days, followed by 1 serving daily (immediately post-training) for the next 6 days (14 days total). • Over the course of the study: – Subjects taking ADENOFLEX increased their muscular endurance in the bench press exercise by an average of 23.0% vs. 3.5% for the placebo. Muscular endurance was tested by having subjects perform 3 sets of the bench press for as many reps as possible using a load equal to their body weight. – Subjects taking ADENOFLEX increased their bench press training volume (reps x lb) by 21.4% vs. 3.4% for the placebo. (Training with higher volumes is generally considered to be essential for increasing muscle mass.) – Though the results were not statistically significant, half of the subjects taking ADENOFLEX showed dramatic increases in hematocrit (red blood cell volume %), with one subject experiencing a 15% increase. • An abstract of the ADENOFLEX study was presented at the 10th Annual Conference of the International Society of Sports Nutrition and published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition:• Because of the small sample size (12 subjects), the results of this study may not be generalizable. • Individual results may vary.

SUPPLEMENT FACTS Serving Size: 1 Scoop (10 grams) Servings Per Container: 30

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